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Rounding and Estimation

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Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 4

Sharpen your second grader's ability to subtract quickly and efficiently by integrating estimation into the process with this adorable worksheet.

Time Trial: How Much Can You Do in 1 Minute?

Turn your child's competitive nature into a learning exercise with this energetic worksheet. How many times can he do each action in 1 minute?

Practice Front-End Estimation

This math worksheet gives your child lots of practice with front-end estimation, addition, and subtraction.

Estimate and Measure

Bring an everyday skill to the table by helping your child try and "eyeball" a measurement for each item in inches and centimeters.

Rounding Measurements

On the road to advanced math, make a stop at estimation station! This worksheet will help your child practice making "guesstimations" about length.

Estimating Measurement

We make "guesstimations" all the time in everyday activities, from shopping to cooking. Help your child make estimations with measurements.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 8

We're willing to bet that your second grader will learn how to subtract quickly and efficiently by incorporating estimation into the process!

Add, Round, Add! #6

With lessons in place value and rounding, this addition worksheet offers young 2nd grade math whizzes a worthy challenge.

Estimate the Sum

Estimate the sum in each of these math problems. Challenge your child to round to the nearest hundred first, then add the two rounded numbers.

Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

Get your lasso ready, it's time to round up the hundreds herd! Your rounding rancher will practice estimating numbers to the nearest hundred.

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