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Clothing Consonant Blends

Here's a fun phonics activity, all about the clothes we wear! Your little one will practice spelling and sounding out clothing words that use consonant blends.

Holiday Consonant Blends

Keep your child's phonics skills up to par this holiday season, with a festive consonant blends sheet!

Phonics: Consonant Blends 3

Introduce your little one to a phonics fundamental: consonant blends! She'll get to match 6 different blends with their corresponding word.

Phonics: Consonant Blends 1

Get a great review of phonics with this handy consonant blends worksheet, where your little one can match up consonant blends with each word.

Consonant Clusters: Camping

Little campers, improve reading and writing skills with a consonant clusters worksheet. Learn 6 different ways that consonants blend together.

Consonant Clusters at Home

Hone spelling and reading skills with a review of consonant clusters, or consonant blends! Identify each household item and what blend is used to spell it.

Stellar Consonant Clusters

Help your child hone her phonics with an activity that's out of this world! She'll get to practice writing a few space-themed words with consonant clusters.

Consonant Clusters and Verbs

Here's a reading and writing double-whammy: learn about consonant blends as you review a few verbs, or action words!

Princess Consonant Blends

Every little princess should know her consonant blends! Learn a phonics fundamental will this cute worksheet.

Garden Consonant Clusters

Explore your garden for different sights and sounds! This consonant clusters worksheet will help your child learn her phonics.

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