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learning to count coins

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Coin Count Up

Get out your coin purse, it's time to do a little math shopping! How many of each type of coin do you need to afford these items?

How Many Cents?

Help your second grader test his coin savvy with this worksheet that asks him to connect groups of coins to the values that match.

Adding Money Amounts

How much does that hamburger cost? Give your little spender a hand in counting up coins and dollars to equal an amount.

Counting Coins II

Being able to identify and count coins is a valuable skill for kids. In this worksheet, your child will count coins, then write their total values on the lines.

Learning How to Count Money: 46 Cents

This colorful worksheet is perfect if your child is learning how to count money. He will need to find several different combinations that add up to 46 cents.

Counting Coins: Present Math IV

Your child is shopping for gifts, and it's time to make her purchases. This fun worksheet asks your child to circle the coins she needs to purchase each gift.

Money Addition

Help your little one build money sense with this exercise about adding coins and dollars to pay for these items!

Adding Coins

Counting money is a math skill that your little one can use every day! Help your child practice money addition with this challenging activity.

Practice Test: Money

Review money topics with this nifty practice quiz covering counting coins to solving word problems.

Coin Patterns #1

This worksheet does double duty—teaching about both coins and patterns! Evaluate each pattern of coins and draw which one will come next.

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