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Words That Begin With "P"

Focus your beginning reader on sight words that start with "P" by matching each word with its picture. This is a great reading activity for visual learners.

Halloween Rhymes

This festive jack-o'-lantern will surely get your child to practice rhyming! He'll find all the rhyming word pairs and re-write them on the lines below.

Find the Long E Words

Boost phonics and reading skills with a picture-perfect activity, where your little one will figure out which items have a long "e" in their name.

Consonant Blends: Winter

Help your child hone her phonics with a wintry words worksheet! She'll get to practice writing a few words with consonant clusters, or consonant blends.

Consonant Clusters

What kinds of animals can you find at the beach? Help your child learn phonics with this colorful consonant clusters worksheet!

Birthday Consonant Blends

Birthdays are full of fun, friends and food! But can you spell and say them all? Teach your little one about consonant blends with a cute birthday sheet.

Garden Consonant Clusters

Explore your garden for different sights and sounds! This consonant clusters worksheet will help your child learn her phonics.

Lunchtime Consonant Clusters

Don't let these consonant clusters make you hungry! Your child will practice her phonics by matching each consonant blend with a food word.

Consonant Clusters and Verbs

Here's a reading and writing double-whammy: learn about consonant blends as you review a few verbs, or action words!

Colors and Consonant Clusters

With this fun phonics sheet, your child will get acquainted with some consonant clusters as she reviews her colors.

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