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Kolobok Part V: The End!

This is the final chapter of the tale of Kolobok. Famous in Russian folklore, this clever ball of dough finally meets his match, the fox!

Teremok Russian Folk Tale: Part I

In Russian, the word teremok means "little hideaway". Give your child a fun, fresh way to practice her reading with this Russian folk tale.

Teremok Part II: The Rabbit

The "teremok", or the little hideaway, is becoming home to many animals! Enjoy part two of this Russian folk tale, and help your child build reading skills.

Teremok Part V: The End!

Find out how the story ends in this final chapter of the Teremok folk tale! Have fun coloring together, and building your child's enthusiasm for reading.

Teremok Part IV: The Wolf

Enjoy part four of this five-part series of the Russian folk tale, Teremok! Your child will get to color and build her reading skills.

Teremok Part III: The Fox

Enjoy part three of this Russian folk tale, Teremok. The little hideaway hut is getting crowded! Have your child read to you to find out what happens next.

Japanese Folktale: Kasajizo

Encourage your child to read more by giving her a series of fun coloring pages that tell a story! She'll get to enjoy a Japanese folktale as she colors.

Japanese Folktale: The Mouse's Marriage

Give your child a fun series of coloring pages that tell a story! She can read "The Mouse's Marriage" as she colors the illustrations.

The Farmer and his Son

Enjoy a classic Aesop's fable, retold through a short collection of coloring pages! Your child will love reading this funny story as she colors.

The Sun and Moon

Learn an old story about why the sun and moon chase each other around the globe with a fun folktale from the Philippines!

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