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Physical Science

Stored Energy
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Superhero Lightning Bolt

Help your kid feel like a superhero with this safe and fun science experiment that creates an electrical charge that's like a mini lightning bolt!

Make Popsicle Stick Fairies

Want to spark your third grader's interest in gardening? Help him make popsicle stick fairies to decorate an enchanting garden oasis.

States of Matter in a Baggie

Try this experiment to give your curious kid a more "solid" understanding of how temperature affects the states of matter.

Separate Salt and Pepper With Static Electricity

What's the quickest way to separate salt and pepper? Let static electricity do the work! Your child will be fascinated by this simple experiment.

Build a Balloon-Powered Car

This balloon-powered car project is a great way for your kid to learn about energy and how it can be used efficiently.

Rock Candy Science

The next time you've got a restless second grade earth scientist on your hands, use this experiment to demonstrate crystals and make a tasty treat, too!

Extract DNA from Spinach!

Show your middle schooler how a quick whirl of spinach in the blender will reveal the cobwebby "stuff"--or DNA--of life!

How Strong are a Bird's Bones?

In this science experiment, your child will test the strength of hollow structures in order to understand how strong bird bones really are.

Bungee Jump ... With Eggs!

Invite your middle schooler to bungee jump ... with eggs! This experiment will demonstrate Newton's laws of physics in an entertaining way.

Stored Energy

Here's a fun activity to reinforce the physics concept of stored energy for your middle schooler.

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