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Math Activities

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Build a Toothpick Bridge

Design and construct a toothpick bridge with a simple household items and a little mathematical magic.

Close Call: An Addition Card Game

Create addition problems using critical thinking skills in this fun second grade math card game.

Button Board

Want to add a little craftiness to preschool math? Break out the glue gun and create a button board!

Play Snakes and Dots

Practice problem solving skills with your kindergarten or first grade student in this fun connect-the-dots game!

Positive and Negative Numbers Game

This math game helps fourth graders improve their understanding of positive and negative integers in a fun way.

Make Money Make "Cents" to Your Second Grader

Make counting coins make "cents" to your second grader while giving her the chance to practice her math skills by playing this fun game with her.

Find the Math Fact Family

Practice of math facts is usually limited to drill sheets and flashcards. But kids are more likely to tune in to math facts if practice is presented as a game!

Make Number Rubbings

Help your child identify numbers with this fun preschool math art activity! Explore different textures and colors as he learns numbers.

Snag a Spoon! A Math Game

In this version of the classic card game, students will gain an understanding of equivalents and may not even realize it's a math review!

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Give your second grader a chance to get his feet wet with measurement before he moves onto the more complicated stuff by trying this activity with him at home.

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