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Compare Fractions

Compare fractions in this two-player math game. The objective of the games is to work together to determine who has created the largest fraction.

Multiplication War

Play multiplication war, a fun card game, with your child and before long those annoying multiplication facts will be part of her mathematical skill set.

Pyramid Math Card Game

This pyramid card game is a fun way to help your child learn addition and subtraction. Best of all, it√Ęs quick to set up and easy to play.

Make Math Active with a Personal Record Book

The Kindergarten Personal Record Book makes measurement fun & active! Kids record their vital statistics from head to toe using unusual tools like paper clips.

Make This Number Line: Count Place on a Lace!

Got a shoelace? Got a kindergartener? Help your child learn to use the number line by creating one out of a lace.

Flip a Coin

Challenge your kindergartener to finding out if a coin toss is really fair by conducting this coin toss experiment.

Schoolyard Multiplication

Multiplication facts are a necessary skill, and this board game provides a fun way for your third grader to practice them!

Slap It!: An Odds and Evens Card Game

This activity is based on the popular card game, Slapjack. It's rip-roaring fun, and it reinforces the concepts of odd and even.

Integer Flash

Multiplying positive and negative numbers is an important skill to practice. Try this fun math card game with your sixth grader!

Play Subtraction "War"

Play this "subtraction war" card game with your second grader and watch his math facts mastery leap forward!

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