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Math Activities

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Build a Toothpick Bridge

Design and construct a toothpick bridge with a simple household items and a little mathematical magic.

Close Call: An Addition Card Game

Create addition problems using critical thinking skills in this fun second grade math card game.

Button Board

Want to add a little craftiness to preschool math? Break out the glue gun and create a button board!

Play Snakes and Dots

Practice problem solving skills with your kindergarten or first grade student in this fun connect-the-dots game!

Positive and Negative Numbers Game

This math game helps fourth graders improve their understanding of positive and negative integers in a fun way.

Make Money Make "Cents" to Your Second Grader

Make counting coins make "cents" to your second grader while giving her the chance to practice her math skills by playing this fun game with her.

Find the Math Fact Family

Practice of math facts is usually limited to drill sheets and flashcards. But kids are more likely to tune in to math facts if practice is presented as a game!

Make Number Rubbings

Help your child identify numbers with this fun preschool math art activity! Explore different textures and colors as he learns numbers.

Snag a Spoon! A Math Game

In this version of the classic card game, students will gain an understanding of equivalents and may not even realize it's a math review!

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Give your second grader a chance to get his feet wet with measurement before he moves onto the more complicated stuff by trying this activity with him at home.

Compare Fractions

Compare fractions in this two-player math game. The objective of the games is to work together to determine who has created the largest fraction.

Multiplication War

Play multiplication war, a fun card game, with your child and before long those annoying multiplication facts will be part of her mathematical skill set.

Pyramid Math Card Game

This pyramid card game is a fun way to help your child learn addition and subtraction. Best of all, it√Ęs quick to set up and easy to play.

Make Math Active with a Personal Record Book

The Kindergarten Personal Record Book makes measurement fun & active! Kids record their vital statistics from head to toe using unusual tools like paper clips.

Make This Number Line: Count Place on a Lace!

Got a shoelace? Got a kindergartener? Help your child learn to use the number line by creating one out of a lace.

Flip a Coin

Challenge your kindergartener to finding out if a coin toss is really fair by conducting this coin toss experiment.

Schoolyard Multiplication

Multiplication facts are a necessary skill, and this board game provides a fun way for your third grader to practice them!

Slap It!: An Odds and Evens Card Game

This activity is based on the popular card game, Slapjack. It's rip-roaring fun, and it reinforces the concepts of odd and even.

Integer Flash

Multiplying positive and negative numbers is an important skill to practice. Try this fun math card game with your sixth grader!

Play Subtraction "War"

Play this "subtraction war" card game with your second grader and watch his math facts mastery leap forward!

Multiplication Factors

Your third grader will have a blast playing this multiplication card game designed to make times tables fun!

Play the Fish for Numbers Game!

Is your kid struggling with number recognition? Here's a great way to go fishing for numbers that will feel more like play than counting practice.

Number Sense

Play this fun matching game with your kindergartener! It's a great way to practice math and number skills with playing cards.

Block 'Em

This strategy game requires a few playing cards and a simple game board print-out. Use it to work on critical thinking and problem solving skills!

Making Shapes

Boost shape recognition with this matching game where your child will pair up sticks to create simple shapes.

Play Terrific Tens Go Fish!

Make practicing addition facts more fun and teach your child some helpful strategies with this spin off of the traditional "Go Fish" game.

Slide It

Work on measurement by sliding cards along a table with your second grader in this fun game. Use centimeters or inches, add up your totals, and see who's won!

Divvy it Up: A Counting Game

A plastic tray is the perfect tool to teach your little one how to count. Try out this activity, and your child will have her numbers down in no time.

Play Shape and Seek

When your child is itching for a game, consider ditching Hide and Seek in favor of Shape and Seek. Here's how it works:

Play Shape Tree Match-Up

Challenge your preschooler to a game of shape match-up--an entertaining way to boost her observational ability.

Bowling for Addition

Use empty soda bottles to create a fun bowling set that helps your first grader practice addition skills!

Making 14

Want to make math a little more exciting? This single-player game is designed to help your child practice combining cards to create sums of 14.

Elevens Card Game

Looking for a cool game to help your first grader learn her 11s? Look no further than this clever one-person card game.

Roll the Dice

Shake those dice and try to roll big numbers in this first grade math game. Practice addition in a new, fun way!

Around the House

Use this fun math board game to improve your first grader's confidence with addition facts.

Play Egg Carton Addition

Using just an egg carton and some beans or pennies, you can play this game with your first grader and see real gains in core math skills.

Addicted to Addition

Practice addition with your child in a whole new way when you battle to defend your cards in this competitive game. Math has never been so fun!

Sum It Up

This first grade addition math game helps your child use critical thinking skills while practicing his computation.

Dice Addition

Your first grader will love this addition challenge! Roll dice and keep a running total as you try to achieve the highest score.

Run Around the Numbers

Play Number Dash with your preschooler and help him learn to identify numbers, write numbers and learn about organized play.

Clothespin Drop!

Help your preschooler practice counting, matching, and learning colors with this fun game!

Make Chocolate Chip Shape Cookies

Have fun with the kids by "shaping up" your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, and teach kids about sorting and shapes while you're at it.

Create a Crayon Shape Painting

This engaging, fun, pattern resist painting is inspired by your little one's love of shapes.

Impossible Heights: Calculate and Measure with Your Shadow!

In this math and science activity, help your middleschooler learn about proportion and measurement with just her shadow and a tape measure!

Make a Tessellation

Help your middle-schooler develop important mathematical and visual organization skills with this tessellation activity.

Design A Repeat Motif Placemat

Let your teenager celebrate the history of the American Arts and Crafts Movement by creating a hand-drawn, repeat motif for a beautiful table placemat!

Fridge Formulas

Fridge Formulas are short, daily activities that reinforce the skills your middle-schooler is learning in math class.

Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe

Try a new approach to working with variables and equations by playing this tic-tac-toe game with your math student.

The Golden Mean: Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Help your child learn one of the most beautiful mathematical expressions in nature as she uses the Fibonacci sequence to create a "spiral of beauty."

Stack Coins for Integer Action!

Understanding how to add and subtract integers can be a challenge at first, but once you know how to handle the heat, it's a breeze!

Counting Cups

Counting with one-to-one correspondence is an important kindergarten math skill. This simple activity turns it into a play-anywhere game.

String "100 Days of School" Beads!

This project commemorates the milestone of completing the first 100 days of school, while giving your child a manipulative to practice counting to 100.

Indoor Hopscotch

Your kindergartener will love this counting activity on a rainy day. Turn any indoor space into a colorful hopscotch board and using simple recycled materials.

Make Your Own Coin Bank!

Help your first grader make a coin bank that builds connections to early reading and math. And build good saving habits, too!

It's About (Elapsed) Time!

By using your child's own activity schedule, you can strengthen his understanding of elapsed time, and get him organized along the way!

Domino Cookies

Bake domino cookies and spark your child's interest in traditional games. This baking activity is great for 5th-6th grade children.

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