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Reading Activities

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Play Post-It Bingo!

New readers need to develop a "bank" of words they can read by sight. Hate flashcards? Consider this fresh way to practice sight words to perfection...Bingo!

Practice Reading with a Word Hunt

Practice reading with this fun game, where your first grader will "hunt" for hidden words around the house.

Play Beep!: A Context Game

This simple game isn't just a diversion, it teaches your child to identify the incorrect word within a familiar verse.

Sight Word Puzzle

Help your first grader practice sight words with this fun activity. Learn how to put together a puzzle while practicing common sight words.

Play "Roll Those Words", A Reading Activity

Re-use blocks or dice to get your child practicing reading and sentence-writing in "Roll Those Words", a classic dice game and reading activity.

Felt Board Stories

Make some fairy tale felt board stories with your child the next time you're looking for a fun activity for a lazy afternoon.

String Story Necklaces

This string a necklace arts activity teaches first grade readers to look for a story's beginning, middle, and end.

Story Sequencing Activity

This goofy scramble book activity will bring laughs...but also some good, solid comprehension skills too!

Draw a Fairy Tale Map

Guide your first grader through a map drawing project inspired by her favorite fairy tale. Its masked as a fun art activity, but it also packs learning punch!

Make a Story in a Bag

Teaching kids that stories have an order is important, despite how fun it is to listen to the tale of the tomato that put on his pajamas and went for a swim.

Practice Reading with Newspaper "Highlights"

With a newspaper, highlighter, and some fun extra prizes, you can help your first grader start lifetime reading habits with print all around us.

Play Picture Book Charades!

A new twist on the game of charades will inspire your first grader to look at her favorite books in a whole new light.

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