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Great science activities for the classroom
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Mystery Paint

Here's a fun and magical art activity, where kids paint an invisible picture that can only be revealed when painted over with watercolors!

Make a Parachute Toy

This homemade parachute toy is incredibly easy to build. Plus, it gives kids an excuse to investigate and experiment...the backbone of kindergarten science.

Design a Floating Cork Boat

Here's a great activity that uses corks and toothpicks to create a fleet of floating boats. Which design makes for the most seaworthy vessel?

Do a Balloon Sandbag Science Experiment

Your child will learn science and make a fun new malleable toy with this balloon sandbag science experiment.

How to Make a Water Wheel

This simple "how to make a water wheel" activity makes physics come alive for your child by demonstrating how different kinds of energy work.

Exploding Marshmallows!

Show your child how and why the microwave works, while demonstrating just how strangely foods can behave while inside the crazy cooker.

Skewered Balloons!

Explore the chemistry of latex polymers with this outrageous, hilarious science activity.

Mini Waterfall

Have your child build his own mini waterfall, and help him develop his planning, problem solving, and architectural skills.

Make a Sand Clock

An hour glass, also known as a sand clock, keeps time. In this activity, your child will make her own sand clock and measure the time it keeps.

Taste Test Science: Fool Your Tongue!

This taste buds science experiment demonstrates how strongly our sense of smell controls what we taste.

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