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Great science activities for the classroom
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Make Ice Cream in a Baggie!

Based on the concept of water's "freezing point," this activity entails the lowering of water's freezing point to chill ice cream!

Make a Fistful of Slime!

Get your hands on a concoction that breaks the rules about what's a solid and what's a liquid.

Break the Tension: A Water Experiment

Help your child understand surface tension by showing her how she can create a "skin" on top of water.

Try Water Science Trickery!

This experiment that explores water and air pressure will amaze your fifth grader as it appears that a single card is holding water in an upside-down glass.

Make a Changing Seasons Collage

This adventurous art project will send kids on a scavenger hunt for fall materials they can use in their artwork. This craft also teaches kids about seasons.

Make a Decorative Paperweight!

Using water, corn syrup, and sequins, your child can create a unique art project while exploring what happens when different liquids are mixed together!

Papier-Mâché Pencil Pot

Show your kids how to take recycling to new heights by creating a papier maché pencil holder out of old newspaper and wallpaper paste.

Be a Botanist: Make Herbarium Sheets

In this middle school activity, your child will learn how to press plants and create her very own herbarium, or plant library! Here's how:

Spring Cleaning Science

Want to give your teen some insight into the scientific method and get the house cleaned? This activity promises both!

Cleaning Pennies

Why are some pennies shiny and others dark and dull? Find out with this cleaning copper coins experiment, which transforms dark pennies to bright ones.

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