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Social Studies Activities

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Make an Ancient Travel Brochure

One way to help your middle-schooler learn about ancient civilizations is by creating a travel brochure.

Make Easy Clay Pinch Pots

This simple and fun project introduces kids to the art of pottery and offers them a glimpse into how ancient peoples created the very first Neolithic pottery.

Craft Personalized Postcards

Making personalized postcards out of meaningful photographs is a fun, rainy day project.


Whether you're teaching your kid about this important cultural art form or simply looking for a fun project, sandpainting is a fun activity you'll both enjoy.

Draw Your Own Cartouche: Personalized Hieroglyphics

Bring history to life by helping your child create her own cartouche like the Egyptians did thousands of years ago.

Make Your Own Paper

Kids can easily make their own paper using old newspapers, along with a few kitchen and hardware-store materials.

Design a Diorama!

Help your child make an imaginative scene come to life by making a diorama. Your child will be practicing three dimensional thinking and language arts skills.

Make a Paper Papoose and Cradleboard!

In this kindergarten arts and crafts activity, your child will make a papoose (Native American baby) and cradleboard! It makes a great Thanksgiving project.

Play the Iroquois Plate Game

This Thanksgiving, try playing this fun Native American game with the whole family.

Engage Your 5th Grade Traveler!

This activity with add some fun and education to long car trips. Perfect for family vacations!

Draft a Family Constitution

What are the rules of your home? Help your fifth grader draft a Family Constitution and even give it an aged look using soaked tea bags.

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