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Winter Activities

Great winter activities for the classroom
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Sculpt Clay Snowflakes

Enjoy the beauty of winter from the comfort of your home with this first grade art activity: make sparkly snowflake sculptures using modeling clay and glitter.

Lace a Paper Plate Snowman

Your child will "build" a snowman and lace her way around the paper plates, boosting her manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Snowman Paper Bag Puppet

During this chilly winter season, try this fun indoor craft with your preschooler to help him explore art concepts like shape, form and texture.

Gingerbread Logic

Baking holiday gingerbread men has ever been more educational! Your kindergartener will work on fine motor skills, logic, and counting in this cookie activity.

Practice Counting with an Igloo Sculpture

Practice counting with this winter kindergarten art project! As your child sculpts a clay igloo, he will work on math and dexterity and learn about snow.

Make a Winter Dressing Wheel

Is your kindergartener having trouble picking outfits for the rapidly cooling weather? This handy dressing wheel makes getting ready a breeze!

Create a "Hand"-Made Winter Wreath

Let your kindergartener help decorate the house for winter by creating a "handy" wreath made of handprints in this arts and crafts activity.

Create a Hibernating Bear Den

Make a bear cave for your child to play and explore, learn about bears and winter hibernation.

Craft a Simple Stick Sled

Reuse old cardboard boxes and popsicle sticks to create a miniature sled that is perfect for preschool pretend play with dolls or action figures.

Footprint Penguin

Your child can make her own at home with a little paint and her own foot. Make a whole colony!

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