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Cutting: Snake Spiral

Kids color and cut out a spiral snake, exercising their fine motor skills on this prekindergarten arts and crafts and coloring worksheet.

Complete a Flower Fill-In!

How much does your preschooler know about the parts of a flower? This colorful worksheet tests her flower knowledge!

Color the Princess and the Frog

A coloring sheet for preschoolers of the Princess and the Frog.

Spider Game

Spin a web of fun with this spider game! Your kid will get lots of counting and direction-following practice as she races you around the web to the finish.

Color the Cool Sea Turtle

Have your kid grab some crayons for this coloring page featuring the mighty sea turtle. While he's coloring, share some fascinating facts about this reptile.

What Belongs in the Bathroom?

Kris the Koala is cleaning his house, and kids completing this preschool sorting and categorizing worksheet help by circling things that belong in the bathroom.

The Mix Up Monsters

Is your kid bored with all her board games? The silly mix up monster game is sure to please any young learner.

Pre-Kindergarten Sight Words: Can to He

Help your pre-kindergartener get a head start on reading with these sight word flash cards that you can tape around the house. Includes words from can to he.

How to Draw Fireworks

Ever wondered how to draw fireworks? Tracing is one step away from drawing, and this page helps your child on his way to making his own fireworks scene!

Patterns: Music Notes

The music notes on this prekindergarten math worksheet appear in patterns. Kids study each pattern to determine which note should come next.

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