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Explore the Senses with a Sensory Table!

In almost every preschool classroom is a sensory table. Learn how to make one at home!

Investigate Static Electricity

Introduce your child to the amazing, almost magical phenomenon of static electricity!

Sound Shakers

Create clear sound shakers so your preschooler can observe and compare the different sounds that objects make!

Light Reflection

What happens when light hits a hard surface? Find out by conducting a simple light reflection experiment with your preschooler.

Poolside Science

A fun activity for a hot day, this will give young kids a chance to experiment with beginning science and math รข and splash around in the process!

Pump It Up!

Teach your child about using pumps to move water in this simple and educational preschool science activity!

How Do Mirrors Work?

This quick and simple preschool mirror activity will introduce your child to the science of reflection and light with a flashlight experiment and picture game.

Light and Mirrors

How do mirrors work? What is light, and how does it travel? Explore light and reflection with your preschooler with these simple hands-on experiments.

Experiment with Invisible Writing

With this activity, your child can write an invisible letter that will appear as if by magic when exposed to heat.

Capillary Action: It's Flower Power!

Dye a flower! This preschool science activity is an inventive and colorful way to introduce your child to the physics and biology of capillary action.

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