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U.S. Government

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Presidential Timeline

Make a quick trip in time to learn U.S. history and a presidential time line! You might be surprised how much change packed in from 1939 to 1990.

The Pentagon

Learn some fun facts about the Pentagon, as a part of the U.S. military to its unique architecture which has made the building an icon.

Checks and Balances System

Help your student learn the government principle of checks and balances with this worksheet. He'll learn key terms with a word search puzzle and a quick quiz.

Branches of the U.S. Government

Test your middle schooler's knowledge of our government system with a fill in the blanks diagram.

Ten Amendments for Kids

Your fifth grader can see how well he knows the ten amendments by matching the amendments with their descriptions. He'll have all ten memorized in no time!

Local Government

Your young learner will discover the basics of local government with this worksheet all about municipalities.

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