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Beginner Tangrams

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Easy Tangrams Puzzle #7

Learn the different shapes with a tangram puzzle! Your little learner will re-create this picture using tangram shapes, a great way to build logic skills.

Shape Fun #4

How can a few triangles and a rectangle make an airplane? Show your kindergarten the magic of shapes with this fun cut and paste activity.

Play with Shapes 2

Play with shapes the hands-on way! Let your your kindergartener cut out these colorful shapes and arrange them into the outline of a house.

Shape Fun #1

Here's some shape fun for young learners. Cut out these colorful shapes to see how they can come together in a larger shape.

Play with Shapes 3

Can your kindergartener arrange the shapes to make a truck? Let her practice her shapes with this colorful and hands-on math game.

Play with Shapes 5

What does one semicircle, two parallelograms, three triangles and a rectangle add up to?

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #10

Here's a fun challenge for little learners to build math and reasoning skills. Your child will re-create this picture using the geometric tangram shapes.

Block Patterns

Take the block puzzle challenge! This series of tangram-style geometry puzzles is a great way to build logic skills in your kindergartener.

Tangrams Printable

Here is a fun and easy way to introduce Tangrams to your little one. She'll get to experiment with shapes and patterns she's colored herself!

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #2

Help your little one build logic and reasoning skills with a tangram puzzle! He'll re-create this picture using the geometric shapes of tangram pieces.

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