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Sports of all Sorts

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Pitch and Hit Data

Okay, engaging in a graphing activity may sound ho-hum, but if you use fun data, it changes the picture entirely.

Throw an Olympic Sport Costume Party

Inspire your second grader's creativity and interest in the Olympics by helping him throw an Olympic sport costume party!

How to Make a Medal

Transform your kid into an Olympic champion with this fun medal-making project.

Mud Painting

If you're looking for something to keep your kid busy on a warm day, and give him some writing practice in the process, bring on the mud!

Toss Up Game

It's important to be able to add and subtract quickly and accurately, and this activity is the perfect way to practice.

Football Sculpture

In this activity, your child will use household objects to sculpt his very own football.

Investigate Static Electricity

Introduce your child to the amazing, almost magical phenomenon of static electricity!

Bounce that Ball: Learn Math While Doing Sports

Head out to the driveway, ball in hand, for a bouncing challenge. Then use those results to make a colorful graph that lets your child compare results.

Baseball Pennant

Show off your team spirit by creating a festive baseball pennant for your favorite team.

Tie-Dye Laces

Don't shell out the money for a new pair of kicks! Help your second grader add some charm to her shoelaces with fabric dye.

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