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Sports of all Sorts

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Count 'N Catch: A Skip Counting Game

Encourage your child to practice skip counting by turning number patterns into this fun and interactive game of catch.

Fitness Game

Make exercise fun for your child with this energetic fitness game that's a cross between a cake walk and musical chairs.

Three Legged Compound Word Race

Help your second grader understand compound words by doing this fast, goofy three legged race.

Baseball Craft

This paper project is sure to hit a home run with your sporty kid.

Football Craft

Satisfy your child's love of the game with a paper project starring his favorite pigskin!

Counting Coins Game

Learning to count change can be tough! Help your child become a master money-counter with this simple game.

Make Your Own Stepping Stones

Re-use old plastic food containers to create these uniquely beautiful stepping stones to embed in your backyard!

Wolfie Wolf! An Outdoor Math Game

Support your first grader's counting and reading skills while laughing and running in this fun playground game.

Velcro Dart Board

Your child will boost her gross motor skills as she has fun playing with your easy-to-make and totally safe dart board and dart balls.

Play the Shape Twister Game

This fun shape game is like Twister...with a twist!

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