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Subtraction Linear Equations

Math wizards, get ready for your master training. Give your student practice solving for X in subtraction problems.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game VII

Here's a great test of your student's knowledge about U.S. history! See if he can match up all the presidents with their mini biographies.

Linear Equations Combo

Math wizards, get ready for your master training. This introduction to algebra sheet will help you practice solving for X .

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game II

Challenge your student's knowledge of the U.S. presidents with this series of match-up games.

Linear Subtraction Equations

Math students, get ready for your master algebra training! This worksheet will give your student practice solving for X.

Linear Equations: Addition Subtraction

Get ready for some master mathematics training! Give your student practice doing linear equations with this challenging worksheet.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game IX

Try this series of U.S. president match-up worksheets, the perfect way to learn all of our country's past presidents.

Inside-Out Anatomy: The Integumentary System

Learn about the integumentary system, which is really just a fancy phrase for "skin", in this worksheet.

What's the Probability?

Help your fifth grader understand probability with this worksheet that challenges her to find the probability of a certain event in a handful of scenarios.

Building Exponents: Squares, Cubes, and Roots

Kids review squared and cubed numbers, then try their hand at finding the square root or cube root of a number in this beginning algebra worksheet.

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