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Make Footwear Impressions - CSI Style!

Take a look at forensic science with your child. She'll learn how to take a shoe impression, just like the detectives do!

Volcano Project

Your child will be hooked on chemistry after she builds a model volcano by combining an acid and an alkaline substance.

Homemade Lava Lamp

A homemade lava lamp gives any room a retro flair. Find out how to make a homemade lava lamp, and learn some science too, with this educational activity.

Chain Tag

Are you looking to entertain your child and a large group of his friends? Try out Chain Tag. The more players you have, the more fun the game becomes!

Fill Your Bucket

Combat summer boredom with this easy and fun game. Race against each other to see who can fill their bucket the fastest using leaky cups!

Raft Race

Grab some rope and a couple of rafts and you're ready to play Rope Rush, an exciting race game for the pool!

Pool Basketball

What do you get when you cross a pool, water balloons and hula hoops? Pool Basketball, an exciting summer game perfect for kids of all ages.

Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a great opportunity for your kids to work on their money skills and donate some hard earned money to charity.

Steal the Bacon

Are you looking for a fun pool game that doesn't require a lot of heavy accessories? Try Steal the Bacon, a creative form of tag your child is sure to love.

Tag Game for Kids

Use this fun variation of tag that challenges your child to move around in a small amount of space. It's the perfect way to stay active at the beach!

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