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Fridge Formulas

Fridge Formulas are short, daily activities that reinforce the skills your middle-schooler is learning in math class.

The Golden Mean: Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio

Help your child learn one of the most beautiful mathematical expressions in nature as she uses the Fibonacci sequence to create a "spiral of beauty."

Solve a Graph Puzzle

Here's a fun, geometric puzzle activity that will capture your child's interest and strengthen his number awareness and graphing skills.

Make a Tessellation

Help your middle-schooler develop important mathematical and visual organization skills with this tessellation activity.

Balancing Equations: Step it Up!

Want to reinforce new middle school math terms (variables, equations), while helping your child solve simple one and two-step equations?

Fraction Simplification

Simplify fractions with your child in this fast-paced math card game.

Introduce Angles!

Sure, angles can be confusing. Here's a fun activity to brush up your child's knowledge of these geometry essentials.

Step Up to the Percentage Plate

Here's a fun at-home activity that will help your child strengthen his ability to work with and interpret data in various forms.

Make a Geometry Dictionary

Does your fifth grader need a study buddy for geometry? Forget about a tutor. Help him make his own geometry dictionary!

Right in the Middle

Work on finding means and medians in this fifth grade math card game.

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