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2nd grade math

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Place Value Lessons: What Am I?

Give your child some valuable place value lessons with a brightly-colored worksheet that will have her number guessing and identifying throughout its entirety.

Place Value: Lemons and Limes

Each sour fruit in this worksheet has a number written inside. Kids will match each number to the written equivalent of the number.

Writing Numbers: Jellybean Numbers

On this second grade math worksheet, kids translate numbers written with words to numbers written with numerals up to four digits long.

Practice Test: Place Value

Help your second grader review place value with this quick practice quiz.

Practice Test: Number Order

Go over number order with your second grader with this nifty practice test.

Practice Test: Number Patterns

Review number patterns with your second grader with this mini quiz that asks him to choose the number that comes next in each pattern.

Place Value for Kids: Hidden Treasure

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will practice identifying place value up to the millions place.

Digging Digits: Practice Place Value #1

Start your second grader out with some place value practice with this colorful worksheet that explores the ones, tens, and hundreds digits.

Place Value of Numbers: Which is Tallest?

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value of numbers by ranking things from tallest to shortest according to their numbers.

Shopping with Place Value

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value, practice reading whole numbers, and learn about shopping within a budget.

Digging Digits: Practice Place Value #2

Does your second grader need some help with place values? Check out this brightly-colored, fun worksheet that explores numbers up to four digits long.

Place Value: Expanding Numbers

Kids practice place value by expanding numbers and smashing them back together again.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than

Can your second grader dig a little deeper into number comparisons? Have her find the missing number that makes each "greater than" equation true.

Know All About Numbers: Ordinal or Cardinal?

This worksheet gives your second grader practice identifying numbers as ordinal or cardinal. Before you know it, he'll be a number whiz kid!

Learning Place Value: Which is Heaviest?

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value and practice reading whole numbers up to the hundred thousands.

Comparing Numbers: Less Than

Make the math concept "less than" more clear with a colorful worksheet that gets him practicing with number comparisons to make each equation true.

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than or Less Than #1

Greater than or less than? It's up to your second grader to decide which sign would make each of these equations read correctly.

Number Place Values: Cupcake Match

Each yummy cupcake in this worksheet contains a number. In this place value math worksheet, kids match each number to its written equivalent.

Dot to Dot Zoo: 10's

This elephant dot-to-dot has a mathematical twist. Instead of counting 1,2,3 kids will count by tens to connect the dots.

Practice Place Value

Test your child's grasp of place value with this 2nd grade math worksheet. Your child must write out the place value of each number in numerals and in words.

Skip Counting: Rhino

This worksheet engages second graders in a fun, connect-the-dots activity while encouraging counting in multiples of nine.

Counting Numbers 150-200

This colorful worksheet asks your second grader to number each pretty pink flower that is empty with numbers from 150 to 200.

Counting Numbers: Odd and Even

Can your second grader track down the odd numbers, and write them on sections of the caterpillar's body?

Dot to Dot Zoo: 2's Part II

This donkey dot-to-dot worksheet challenges your child to count by twos. Try this donkey dot-to-dot with your child to strengthen his skip counting skills.

Place Value: Numbers, Numbers

For each four-digit number on this second grade math worksheet, kids determine the place value of each digit.

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

Try this tens, ones, and hundreds worksheet for extra place value practice

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