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5 Senses: SCIENCE

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Your Sense of Touch

This colorful worksheet is great to get your child thinking about the five senses, like the sense of touch as she draws and talks to you.

Sense of Sight

There's still plenty more to see with this follow-up worksheet to 'Your Sense of Sight'.

Your Sense of Taste

This colorful worksheet will get your child excited about the five senses and thinking about his sense of taste and drawing food he likes.

Your Five Senses: Matching 1

We use our ears to hear, mouth to taste, eyes to see, hands to touch and nose to smell, match pictures to the corresponding sense on this cute worksheet.

The Five Senses: Smelling

Get your kindergartener to stop and smell the roses with this coloring page that gets him thinking about his sense of smell.

Using Your Five Senses

This cute printout keeps learning fun for your child as he thinks about his senses and checks off which ones he'd use to interact with each object pictured.

Your Five Senses: Matching 2

With great colorful images this worksheet, is fun for young learners. Kids will match up each of the five senses with a corresponding picture.

Sense of Hearing

Jump into science with a lesson in our sense of hearing with this coloring page that asks kids to color the pictures of things they can hear.

Our Five Senses: Sight

Kids draw what they see in the mirror for this kindergarten science worksheet. They learn that sight is one of our senses and that we use our eyes to see.

Taste Experiment

Sometimes your senses can play tricks on you. Experiment with your sense of taste and your sense of smell with this simple experiment!

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