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How Heavy is a Bubble?

Science fair project that examines the relationship between the size of a bubble and how quickly it falls. What is the correlation?

Can We Match Voices to the Faces of Strangers?

Discover whether people can distinguish what a person looks like just by listening to their voice.

Do All Liquids Evaporate At The Same Rate?

see whether all liquids evaporate at the same rate. In other words, does water evaporate at the same rate as juice?

Does Eyesight Influence Staring Contest Performance?

Can you win a staring contest? Would your performance be influenced by your eyesight? Find out in this science fair project idea!

Does Music Affect Your Mood?

This project explores whether there is an effect on people, including heart rate and self-expressed mood, when they are exposed to different types of music.

Is it Better to Eat a Large Meal Before or After a Test?

This science fair project evaluates if and how eating a large meal affects ability to perform mental tasks.

Do Left-Handed People Have Better Memories?

This experiment investigates whether left-handed test subjects have better memories than right-handed participants.

Is Coffee an Addiction?

What happens when "coffee-addicts" miss coffee for 1 day? Find out in this science fair project idea!

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