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Science Fun Exploring

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Marble Physics

Introduce your second grader to the world of motion and physics with a bit of marble play inspired by Sir Isaac Newton!

Balloon Static

Introduce your second grader to the crazy world of static electricity with just a balloon and a sheet of paper.

Sock Science

Wool can absorb 1/3 of its weight in water, while still keeping the body warm. She can test this theory by performing a scientific sock comparison!

Magic Soap Experiment

Your child will do a fun science experiment using soap and pepper flakes to help understand the concepts of water molecules and the surface tension of water.

Measuring Water

Help your first grader explore the world of scientific measurement by "weighing" fruit with a "water scale"!

Solids, Liquids, Maple Syrup!

Teach your first grade scientist the difference between liquids and solids using maple syrup.

Play with Pulleys

How do people move pianos and heavy furniture into tall buildings? Show your kids some pulley potential with this simple household exercise!

Weight Wonders: Big and Light...Heavy and Small?

Here's a fun activity to help build thinking skills in young first grade scientists, and to encourage them to have a blast exploring the mass and volume.

Your Nose Knows! Have Fun with Smell Science

Help your kindergarten scientist predict and observe as she explores the science of smell...and have a great time doing it, too.

Making Rain

Help your kindergarten science maven explore the water cycle without getting everything wet.

Playing with Gravity

Teach your little scientist about the amazing powers of gravity by comparing the falling speeds of two yummy fruits

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