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Space Science Spectacular

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An Out of This World Solar System Project

The process of creating this scale model will stick with your child... into infinity!

Set Up a Solar System of Kids

This kinesthetic learning activity will help your fourth grader get a firm grasp on the immensity of the solar system.

How to Make Sun Prints

Help your child learn more about the role of the sun with this art project that puts the sun in a starring role!

Lunar Terms Flashcards

Earth science students, memorize moon vocabulary terms with these stellar flashcards.

Make a Planet

Invite your child to dream big and design his very own planet. Encourage both creativity and scientific speculation with this fun worksheet.

Different Types of Galaxies

Ready for liftoff? Take to the starry skies with this worksheet that explores the three basic types of galaxies.

Planet Activity Placemat

This activity allows you to learn a fact about each one of our nine planets. Color in the planets then turn the worksheet into a fun and educational placemat.

Moon Phases and Eclipses

Use these fun flashcards to memorize moon-related terms including the moon's different phases and eclipses.

The Milky Way

Is it a candy bar or a massive galaxy full of nearly 200 billion stars?

Word Scramble for Kids: Planets

Boost your second grader's knowledge of space with this fun worksheet, which will have her unscrambling the answers to planetary trivia.

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