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Make a Maze with Drinking Straws!

Recycle old materials to create a fun, brain-teasing maze toy that also strengthens your child's math reasoning skills.

Bicycle Math

Is your third grader bombing around on a bike these days? Here's a way to put all that fun time together with some math learning, too.

Divide By Two

Sharing can be a challenge, and division doubly so! Practice halving numbers in this competitive card game.

Math Baseball

Practice multiplication facts by playing baseball in this fun, third grade math board game.

Pyramid Math Card Game

This pyramid card game is a fun way to help your child learn addition and subtraction. Best of all, it√Ęs quick to set up and easy to play.

Factors: A Math Card Game

Work on factors in this fun math card game and help your third grader gain math confidence through this fun division activity.

Knock Off Numbers for Mental Math Practice!

This activity is a great starting point for practicing mental math because it is quick, easy and involves only simple addition facts.

Number Maker: A Card Game to Practice Place Value

Here's a super fun game to get in some place value practice with your child!

Defensive Multiplication

Defend your cards in this multiplication math game! Your kid will enjoy using strategy to build equations and win points in this activity.

Times Two

Race to double numbers in this competitive card game. Try one-digit or two-digit numbers, or more!

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