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Rust Chemistry: How Does Rust Form?

How does rust form? Kids will learn about the roles oxygen, water, and electrons play in rust chemistry in this cool science fair project idea.

Does Practice Make Perfect?

This project determines whether hands-on practice, mental practice, or no practice leads to better shooting of free-throws.

Measure the Effect of Volume of Background Music on Short-Term Memory

Chect out this fun science project that helps middles school students design a way to measure the effects of volume of background music on short term memory.

Do humans understand values greater than three?

This project examines whether humans can intuitively grasp numeric values greater than three.

Light Absorption and Color Filters

Learn about where colors come from and how light absorption works in this fun experiment! All you need is a flashlight, construction paper, and cellophane!

Is It Safe To Eat Something Dropped On The Floor As Long As You Pick It Up Within 5-Seconds?

Discover whether the â5-second ruleâ is effective at determining whether food is still safe to eat after being dropped on the ground.

Environmental Effects of Biodegradability on Plastic Bags, Paper Bags, and Newspaper

The objective of this science fair project is to determine the rate at which a plastic bag, a paper bag, and newspaper biodegrade over time.

What Colors are Birds Attracted to?

Check out this cool science project idea to explore the differences in feeding behaviors of birds and if other species of birds also have color preferences.

Do Dogs Understand English?

Do dogs understand English? Kids will find out with one of our favorite dog science fair projects that tests how dogs process human language and other cues.

Font and the Impact of the Written Word

This experiment investigates whether font choice affects peoplesâ ability to remember the information that they read.

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