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How Many Coins Make 68 Cents?

Increase your second grader's familiarity with coin currency with this fun, colorful printable!

How Many Coins Make 95 Cents?

Your second grader will have such a blast adding up coins on this colorful worksheet that he won't even realize he's learning!

Snack Attack: Counting Change

Shopping is fun, but it can be educational, too! Your child will count each group of coins, then draw lines to connect them to their corresponding price tags.

Coin Match I

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will find the total value of each group of coins, then draw lines connecting groups of equal value.

Shop Cents: Matching Money

Let's go shopping! Your child will add up the value of each group of coins, and then draw lines from the coins to the items that cost the same amount.

How Many Coins Make 25 Cents?

Your second grader will be better able to recognize and add up coins after completing this fun printable worksheet.

Counting Coins: Present Math V

Help your child master coin counting with this fun second grade worksheet. Your child will select the coins that equal the price listed on each present.

Making Change: Stationery Math

When it comes to money, kids can't get enough. Turn shopkeeper pretend play into math practice with a little worksheet on making change.

Making Change: Coffee Shop Math

Kids love holding, counting, and pretending with money, so why not add in a little math practice on the side? Kids add up the orders and figure out the change.

Adding Coin Amounts

Give your little financier a hand with adding coins. He'll add coins in his head and tally the amount to figure out the price of the item shown.

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