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Sorting and Categorizing

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Matching Pairs: Winter

Set your junior sleuth on the case and have her put these mixed-up matching sets back together again.

Vegetable Game

Cut out the pictures of veggies and choose which ingredients to cover up. Ice cream: good. Ice cream in a salad: not as good.

One to One Correspondence

Help preschoolers practice one to one correspondence with these printables and a bag of Skittles!

Toy Shapes

These toys have gotten their shadows all mixed up! Can your child match up the toy shapes? She'll be learning about patterns and sorting as she goes.

Healthy Food Game

Give your preschooler some basic sorting and categorizing practice and sneak in a health tip at the same time.

Before or After?

What happens before breakfast? After lunch? Help your preschooler sort out the concept of before and after with this matching worksheet.

On the Playground

Have your kid take a shot at this categorizing worksheet, finding all the items that don't belong on the playground. This doubles as a fun coloring sheet.

In the Kitchen

Cookies in the kitchen? Good. Ice skates in the kitchen? Bad. Let your preschooler figure it out with this sorting worksheet, and she can color it in, too!

In the Classroom

Challenge your preschooler to locate all the items that don't belong in the classroom. Lions and monkeys in the classroom? Not in this world.

Vehicle Shapes

Introduce your child to vehicle shapes with this fun match-up activity. She'll get to practice sorting and categorizing vehicle shapes as she goes.

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