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Winter Crossword: Easy

Crosswords aren't just for the big kids -- help your little one master this fun puzzle type with a seasonal crossword full of her favorite winter words.

Avoid the Germies Maze

Help your child avoid thesick germs this winter by having her practice her evasion tactics on this cute maze.

First, Second, Third: Building A Frosty Snowman

Help your child strengthen his reasoning skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to develop a logical sequence for building a snowman.

Consonant Blends: Winter

Help your child hone her phonics with a wintry words worksheet! She'll get to practice writing a few words with consonant clusters, or consonant blends.

Snowman Game: Build a Snowman!

Even if your family lives in a sunny state, kids from Boston to Bakersfield will love this Snowman game that kids can make from scratch.

How To Make Snowflakes

Create the perfect paper snowflake with the help of this instructionable!

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