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Flower Pressing

Show your preschooler how to press flowers into a modeling medium to discover the wonders of simple clay play!

Practice Counting with an Igloo Sculpture

Practice counting with this winter kindergarten art project! As your child sculpts a clay igloo, he will work on math and dexterity and learn about snow.

Stuffed Animal Birth Certificate

Use a beloved toy as a jumping-off point for a fantastic storytelling exercise in this activity that will get the littlest ones thinking about creative writing.

Christmas Skip Counting Book

Give your child some practice with even numbers, while creating a cute Christmas keepsake. Create this skip counting book.

Where Do I Live? An Animal Habitat Game

Check out this silly game that will put your kid's animal habitat knowledge (and acting skills) to the test.

Making Wind Chimes

This beaded wind chime is fun to make and it gets kids experimenting with patterns, a key kindergarten math skill.

Make a Magnet Painting

Here is a kindergarten activity that blends art and science by using magnets, paint, and objects found around the house to create a picture.

Make an Oil Sun Catcher

Make an eye catching sun catcher with your child that not only brightens any window but also builds his fine motor skills and creativity.

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