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November 2017: Day and Date

What date is Thanksgiving in November 2017? Use this day and date worksheet to help your child practice reading a calendar and working with a monthly schedule!

Thanksgiving Word Search: Easy

Gobble gobble! Help your kid learn about Thanksgiving with this colorful word search printable.

Simple Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Get into the spirit of Thanksgiving with a fun puzzle! Our colorful worksheet will help your second grader build vocabulary as he learns about Thanksgiving.

Holiday Word Search: Thanksgiving

Challenge your kid to search for and find the hidden Thanksgiving-themed words in this fun word search!

Word Addition: Compound Words 1

Using a picture as a clue, kids put two words together to make a compound word for each item on this second grade reading worksheet.

Holiday Word Search: Halloween

Looking for some entertainment in between bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins? Try this Halloween-themed word search to keep your kid busy.

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