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Alphabet Word Search: O, P, R, S, T

See if your kid can find the words beginning with the letters O, P, R, S, and T in this fun word search that introduces new vocabulary and alphabetical order.

Alphabet Word Search: K, L, M

Find the words that begin with the letters K, L, and M in the alphabet word search. Don't forget to check your answers using the answer sheet.

Undersea Word Search

Dive into a sea of words! Your child will have a blast hunting for all the words in this under-the-sea word search puzzle.

Word Search for Thanksgiving

Have fun expanding your vocabulary while waiting for dinner to start with this Thanksgiving-themed word search!

Mexico Word Search

How much does your child know about Mexico? Teach him a few new words and a little bit about Mexican culture with a word search!

Leprechaun Word Search

Find the words hidden in this St. Patrick's Day word search.

Word Search Fun: Money

Have fun with money for free with this money word search! Find the money-related words.

Alphabet Word Search: W, Y

Have a blast looking for words that begin with the letters W and Y in this alphabet word search! Make sure you check your answers on the answer sheet.

Alphabet Word Search: V, W

Look for the words beginning with the letters V and W in the word search, circle them, and make sure to cross them off of the list.

BBQ Word Search

This word search is a great way to introduce your child to new words. Challenge him to find the barbecue-related words hidden in the jumble of letters.

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