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Alphabet Word Search: O, P, R, S, T

See if your kid can find the words beginning with the letters O, P, R, S, and T in this fun word search that introduces new vocabulary and alphabetical order.

Alphabet Word Search: K, L, M

Find the words that begin with the letters K, L, and M in the alphabet word search. Don't forget to check your answers using the answer sheet.

Undersea Word Search

Dive into a sea of words! Your child will have a blast hunting for all the words in this under-the-sea word search puzzle.

Word Search for Thanksgiving

Have fun expanding your vocabulary while waiting for dinner to start with this Thanksgiving-themed word search!

Mexico Word Search

How much does your child know about Mexico? Teach him a few new words and a little bit about Mexican culture with a word search!

Leprechaun Word Search

Find the words hidden in this St. Patrick's Day word search.

Word Search Fun: Money

Have fun with money for free with this money word search! Find the money-related words.

Alphabet Word Search: W, Y

Have a blast looking for words that begin with the letters W and Y in this alphabet word search! Make sure you check your answers on the answer sheet.

Alphabet Word Search: V, W

Look for the words beginning with the letters V and W in the word search, circle them, and make sure to cross them off of the list.

BBQ Word Search

This word search is a great way to introduce your child to new words. Challenge him to find the barbecue-related words hidden in the jumble of letters.

Word Search: Tool Box

What can you find in a toolbox? Enjoy this fun word search with your child, and help him work on spelling and vocabulary while he's at it!

Football Word Search

This football-themed word search is a great way to help score a touchdown in spelling and sports vocabulary!

Word Search: Terrific Toys

Challenge your child to find all 10 of the toys in this word search!

Word Search: Planet Earth

What a wonderful world word search! See if you can find all 10 of the Earth-related terms in the word search.

Bird Word Search

Don't let this word search ruffle your feathers! Help your child hone his spelling skills as he finds each bird in this word search.

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