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Place Value Practice

Can you keep track of tricky math riddles that challenge you to add, subtract, multiply and divide?

Calculate the Change 4

It's time to stock up on spooky jack-o'-lanters, but who's going to figure out all the money math involved? Are you up for the challenge?

Place Value Puzzle #2

It's a riddle whirwind! Hold on tight as you use math to solve this place value puzzle -- are you up to the challenge?

Calculate the Change 2

Have you ever bought a scarecrow? Imagine you're going to the store to buy one of these festive fall items. Calculate the change you would get back.

How to Round Decimals

Rounding decimals is important for getting through 4th grade math. If your kid doesn't get it, give him this worksheet from the baseball math series.

Calculate the Change

You've got a $5 bill and a hunger for some delicious candy corn. Can you calculate how much change you'll receive from the cashier?

Rounding to Whole Numbers

Daily life requires estimating. Teach your child to round decimals and fractions up or down to the nearest whole number.

Calculate the Change 3

Hey, coin expert! Take a look at this math problem and try to figure out the change you would get back after buying a mask. Are you up for this money challenge?

Place Value Puzzle #3

This math worksheet is a real puzzler -- are you up for the challenge?

Calculate the Change 5

Practice money math with this Halloween-themed worksheet! Imagine you're buying a glowing skeleton at the store with a $10 bill. How much change will you get?

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