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March Activities

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Celtic Maze #2

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in traditional style with this maze based on an ancient Irish art form.

Leprechaun Coin Toss

Play a game of toss this St. Patrick's Day! This penny toss game is easy to start and lots of fun.

Holiday Math: St. Patrick's Day Addition

Can your first grader dig through a leafy mess to find the numbers that are added together for each clover? He'll come out of it with stronger addition skills!

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #3

Try your luck with these St. Patrick Day numbers! Your little leprechaun must put these jumbled numbers back into consecutive order.

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #2

A leprechaun needs some help to find his pot of gold. Your child will help pave the way to his treasure by ordering numbers from greatest to least.

St. Patrick's Day Maze: Help the Leprechaun!

In this St. Patrick's Day maze, the leprechaun needs a little help remembering where he left his gold! Pick a string of rainbow, and see where it takes you.

Celtic Maze #1

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this fun maze based on an ancient Irish art form.

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #4

These St. Patrick Day numbers have lost their luck! Get them back into consecutive order to bring the luck back to this leprechaun.

Shamrock Stamps

Shamrock Stamps are a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Simple and symmetrical, this symbol of Irish culture is the perfect shape for prints.

Leprechaun Trap!

Create a fun memory with your fourth grader by crafting this brightly-colored leprechaun trap.

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