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Reading Rewards

Here's a motivational kit that lets your emerging reader know you're with him for the whole wild ride.

Funny Food Faces

Invite your first grader to play with his food! He will improve his fine motor skills as he creates zany edible art!

Photo Placemats

These placemats, filled with pictures of all the people mom loves, are sure to make her Mother's Day extra special.

Make Your Own Seed Packets

Create homemade seed packets with your kids. This activity combines your kids' love of science and the outdoors with a little writing and drawing fun.

Make a Lunchbox Magnet Board

Here's a way to bring young children into the process of preparing healthy school lunches, and build up early literacy skills while they're at it!

Preserving Kids Artwork

Here are three easy, budget-friendly ways to preserve your child's work and precious memories without filling up the attic.

Make a Morning Routine Book

Build good first grade reading and writing skills, as well as family peace and quiet, with this hand made story book about mornings in your home.

Give Birds a Feast with This Suet Feeder

Feed your birds from kitchen leftovers and give your first grader some excellent scientific practice in identifying our feathered friends.

Tissue Pouch

Keep school day sniffles at bay with a simple felt tissue cozy that fits neatly in a 3-ring binder.

Homemade Piggy Bank

It's never too early to instill the value of saving and spending wisely in your child. This homemade piggy bank combines crafting with financial management.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

As your child tries his hand at making his own colored chalk from scratch, he can also experiment with color combinations and learn about measurement.

Recreate Your State...Out of Salt Dough!

Challenge your fourth grader to try to recreate the geography of her state using just flour, salt, and water.

Make Your Own Pin

This activity encourages self-expression. When your child is finished she will have created a personalized pin to wear or give as a gift!

Make Your Own Soap

Encourage your child to think outside the bathtub by making her very own handmade soaps! Perfect as a present, a decoration, or just to pamper herself.

T-Shirt Pillow

Recycle your child's beloved old t-shirt by sewing it into a pillow! The results of activity are unique, decorative, creative, and never wasteful.

Recycled Wire Hanger Bird Feeder

Here's a fourth grade science craft with lots of benefits: it's good for birds, good for your child's learning, and good for the planet, too.

Sew a Colorful Amish Potholder

Enhance fourth-grade measurement making skills and social studies learning with this stitching project.

Make Rudolph Treat Cups

These handmade Christmas treat cups are perfect for house parties, school celebrations, and holiday bake sales.

Pine Cone Decorations

Pine cone decorations are fun and festive for the Christmas season. Make pine cone decorations with your child to celebrate the beauty of winter.

Craft Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments!

Watch your children's delight as he crafts his teacher a cinnamon Christmas ornament--and learns some valuable measuring skills in the process!

Dalmatian Costume

This dalmatian costume is simple for expert crafters and novice dog lovers alike. Make a dalmatian costume with your child for Halloween or play time.

How to Make Compost

Recycling may be a confusing concept for your little one, so take the time to teach them the magic of compost - right in your own backyard!

Balloon Greenhouse

Make your own greenhouse - out of a balloon! Your child will learn how greenhouses work as she plants radish seeds and watches them grow.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Create your very own scented hand sanitizer that will help your child to keep those nasty germs at bay!

Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels to Give as Gifts!

Do you want your child to remember time spent with loved ones and the satisfaction of giving a gift with real meaning? Try making these tasty treats!

Make Switch Plate Covers

Your child will practice her scissors and gluing skills while making her own unique switch plate cover.

Make Scented Play Dough

Make your own play dough at home with a fruity scent using this easy activity!

DIY Fridge Magnets

Craft these homemade decorated magnets out of play dough! Your child will have a blast making these creative (and handy) bits of flair for your kitchen.

Rainbow Barrette Holder

Help your daughter organize all of her barrettes with this fun and colorful activity!

Pet Heating Pad

Make mini heating pads for the special animal in your household or to use the next time you or your child has some aches and pains.

Time Book About the Day

Get your child thinking about time with this art project, where you'll create a fun book on his daily routine.

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