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Coloring 12: Cloud Shapes

Clouds come in many shapes and sizes, and on this kindergarten math worksheet, they come with different numbers! Kids color and count clouds with the number 12.

Adding Mixed Fractions with Unlike Denominators

Does your child need extra math practice? This worksheet can help her with the steps to adding mixed fractions with unlike denominators.

Multiplying Numbers with Decimals

If your child needs a little help with decimal multiplication, here's the worksheet for her.

Division Game: Eastern USA

Using her long division savvy, your child will help Detective Zoey Chase track a notorious criminal in this adventure-filled 5th grade math worksheet.

Division Game: Central USA

Using his world-renowned division skills, your child will help Detective Zoey Chase track down a notorious criminal in this 5th grade math worksheet.

Simple Fractions with Sylvia

Simple fractions worksheet helps teach your child to reduce fractions to their simplest form and cartoon characters keep learning interesting.

Number Patterns: Multiply or Divide

Finding patterns is key in mathematics. Can you find the patterns here? This worksheet is perfect for extra practice with fractions and times tables.

Snake KenKenĀ® Puzzle

With a little logical thinking, we bet your student can find the solution to this mathematical KenKenĀ® puzzle!

Probability Toss 2

Boost your child's math know-how! What are the odds a dart would land on one of the given sections of this circle?

Probability Toss 1

What are the chances that a dart will land on an even number on a dart board? Find out in this sixth grade probability worksheet!

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