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Cloud Chart

Ever lay on your back to watch the clouds? With this cloud chart you and your little scientist can identify the different types of cloud formations.

Measurement Mania: Thermometers

Turn up the heat with this measurement worksheet that helps kids learn how to read a thermometer.

Stratocumulus Cloud

Meet the stratocumulus cloud, the kind of cloud that tend to gather in groups when a storm is on the way.

Cumulus Clouds

This science page presents the cumulus cloud, the puffiest, fluffiest kind of cloud that's made for playing outdoors under.

Stratus Clouds

Meet the stratus cloud, a low-hanging kind of cloud that usually comes out when it rains, in this earth science worksheet.

Altostratus Cloud

Meet the altostratus cloud, a thin cloud that sometimes makes rain, in this earth sceince worksheet.

Cumulonimbus Cloud

Learn all about the cumulonimbus cloud, more commonly known by a much more fearsome name: the thundercloud!

Cirrus Cloud

Studying earth science? Learn about the different types of clouds with the series of cloud types.

Altocumulus Cloud

This page presents the altocumulus cloud, the kind of cloud that often comes before a thunderstorm.

Cirrocumulus Cloud

Learn your clouds with this coloring series of cloud types that merges science with coloring fun.

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