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Bigger or Smaller?

Show your preschooler these animal pictures and see if he can tell which are bigger and smaller. This comparison exercise helps him build early math skills.

Bigger or Smaller? People

Have your preschooler choose the bigger and smaller people in this worksheet. Comparing big and small helps kids develop foundational math skills.

Bigger or Smaller? Sports Balls

These pairs of sports balls come in big and little sizes. Have your preschooler identify the bigger and smaller object to build early math skills.

Bigger or Smaller? Fruits and Veggies

Use this bigger or smaller worksheet with your child to get him to build math and comparison skills. Preschoolers will sort fruits and vegetables by size.

Bigger or Smaller? Shapes

Get your preschooler to show you which shape is bigger or smaller. Help your child build math and comparison skills with this worksheet.

Bigger or Smaller? Toys

Have your preschooler choose which toy is bigger or smaller in this worksheet. These exercises help children build early math and comparison skills.

Which Food is Bigger?

No need to break out a ruler for this comparison worksheet, all your preschooler needs to do is size these shapes up. Easy as pie!

Compare Sizes: Shapes

Get your kindergartener in shape for math! Here's a great introduction to comparing sizes: small, medium and large.

Compare Sizes: Fruit

How big is each piece of fruit? Help your child learn about measuring sizes, small, medium and large, with this fun worksheet!

Big or Small?

Does your preschooler love boasting about how big he is? Put his comparison skills to work by challenging him to figure out which object is bigger in each pair.

Is It Big or Small?

All living things come in different shapes and sizes. Help your little one determine which of these items are BIG and which are small!

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