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How Tall Are They: Leaves!

This colorful worksheet will help your child practice writing numbers, using a ruler, measuring and even counting.

How Tall Are They: Coins!

Your child will practice measuring and writing numbers, counting and identifying money by coins on this worksheet for preschool math.

How Tall Are They: Tools

Your child will practice measuring and writing numbers, fine motor skills, counting and identifying objects.

How Tall Are They: Desk Supplies

This colorful printout lets your child practice measuring, counting, and even identify colors and objects, boosting his math and thinking skills.

How Tall Are They: Writing Instruments

This measurement worksheet will let your child learn to measure objects, practice counting, identifying colors and recalling objects.

How Tall Are They: Crayons

Give your child practice writing her numbers with this colorful printable that lets her practice measuring too

Measure a Sneaker: Centimeters

Practice measuring centimeters with your first grader as you find the length of each shoe.

Measuring Worms

If you want to get your first grader excited about measurement, try measuring worms!

Ruler Reading: Centimeters and Inches

Does your child know the difference between centimeters and inches? Help him get to know these units of measurement by using a ruler to measure everyday things.

Measurement Mania: Centimeters & Inches

Teach your second grader how to use a ruler by measuring pencils in centimeters and inches.

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