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Rainy Day

Rain, rain, go away! What kinds of items would you see on a rainy day? Circle what belongs on a rainy day.

Winter Weather

Bundle up for that chilly winter weather! What will this paper doll boy wear to keep warm?

Seasons and Months

Is it fall, winter, spring or summer? Help your little learner get a hang of her seasons and calendar months with this match-up activity!

Seasons and Weather

Which season is it right now? Help your little weatherman get to know his seasons with a fun matching activity.

Winter Paper Doll Girl

This paper doll needs help dressing for the winter season! Can your child pick out the right outfit for her?

Winter Paper Doll Boy

Celebrate the winter season with a fun paper doll activity! Help your child cut out these colorful outfits, and see if she can pick out the winter clothes.

Beach Boy Paper Doll

Nothing beats a beach outing! What would you wear? Help your child choose the right beach attire for this paper doll boy.

Rainy Day Paper Doll Boy

How would you dress on a rainy day? Get your little weatherman familiar with different seasons with this fun paper doll!

What to Wear to the Beach

Circle and color all the pieces that Jenny might need for a day of sun and sand.

Winter Wear: Learning About the Seasons

This worksheet asks your kindergartener to circle all the articles of clothing that are best for cold weather.

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