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Reading Comprehension: Stuffed Elephant

Improve your child's reading comprehension, and introduce her to a classic children's story, with this worksheet on The Story of a Stuffed Elephant.

American Revolution: The Philadelphia Campaign

The Philadelphia Campaign was a year of battles with the Americans at Valley Forge. Students will hone reading skills and learn about the American Revolution.

Leaders of the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad aided thousands of enslaved Americans on the road to freedom. Students will learn about the leaders of this movement.

History of the Helicopter

Take flight with this ode to inventors! See the history of the helicopter, from its conception in ancient China to the modern vehicle it is today.

History of Submarines

Submerge yourself in the fascinating history of submarines! Your little inventor will get a taste of the early stages of this important technology.

Reading Comprehension: All Gold Canyon

Young readers will enjoy this passage from Jack London's "All Gold Canyon." They'll complete some vocabulary and reading comprehension exercises too.

Scrambled Similes

This worksheet will help your child understand what similes are, and she'll even get to use her imagination to write some of her own!

All About Mark Twain

History buffs and fiction lovers alike will enjoy learning about legendary writer Mark Twain with this Wild West worksheet!

Fictional Character Development

If your child needs help understanding big ideas and concepts, have her tackle this helpful reading comprehension worksheet.

Find the Main Idea: Elephant

Kids put their reading comprehension skills to work as they write out the main idea and come up with their own concluding sentence for this paragraph.

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