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Muscle Diagram

Studying the human body? Get to know your body inside and out with this muscle diagram.

Hole-y Microbes! Practice Biology Vocab

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with their science vocabulary? This printable will help him with biology.

Biology Basics: Cellular Switcharoo

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with his science vocabulary? This printable will help improve his knowledge of biology.

Octopus Anatomy

There's not much in the animal kingdom more interesting than tentacles with suckers! Learn about octopus anatomy with this worksheet.

Shrimp Anatomy

Try out this simple worksheet diagramming the anatomy of a shrimp. Big words, small sea creature.

Snail Anatomy

Try this worksheet diagramming a snail anatomy. It takes a snail over two minutes to travel 12 inches, but your 5th grader can finish this worksheet in no time.

Spider Anatomy

Filling out this spider diagram will be much less scary than running into these creepy crawlers in real life. Fill in the body parts from the work bank.

Squid Anatomy

Kids love squids! This simple squid diagram will help your 5th grader memorize the squid anatomy.

Punnett Squares

Punnett squares help chart the results of genetics. They represent dominant and recessive genes. Learn how to complete a Punnett square with this worksheet!

Seahorse Facts

Dive into this informative worksheet about Seahorses, the slow-moving horses of the sea. There's an awful lot to learn about this unique creatures.

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