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Civil War Quiz

Challenge your middle school student with a quiz about the Civil War! He'll answer questions about important people and places in the Civil War.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game VI

How well does your student know his country's past presidents? Here is a challenging series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a very complex and interesting time. Get down the basic terms and concepts of this historical period with this info sheet.

Map of Mexico

How much do you know about our neighbors to the south? Fill in this map of Mexico and learn some fun facts about each city as you go!

Map of Australia

Test your geography buff's knowledge of Australia! He'll locate the major cities of Australia, and read a fun fact about each one.

Paraphrasing: Annie Oakley

Paraphrasing is all about putting other people's writing in your own words. Your child will read about Annie Oakley as he paraphrases this passage.

History of Law

Here's a history quiz that is sure to stump even the most studious civics buff! Fill in the blanks, and learn a bit about the history of written law.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game V

How many of our presidents can you name? Challenge your middle school student with this great series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

Map of South America

Is your mapping maniac ready to learn some world geography? This map challenge will test your child's knowledge of different cities in South America.

Map of the United Kingdom

Get to know some other parts of the world with a mapping activity. Your child will learn and locate popular cities in the United Kingdom.

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