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Historical Heroes: James Otis

Learn all about the brave James Otis, a man who deserves just as much credit as his patriotic pals for changing the course of American history.

State Nicknames Word Search

Not for the faint of heart, this tricky state capitals word search poses a good challenge for savvy fifth graders. Get a handle on state nicknames!

Michigan Geography

An activity sheet about Michigan. 5th graders can compose and color their own map of Michigan.

Civil War: Confederacy vs. Union

Review Civil War key terms and people with this history sheet. Your child will decide which terms describe the Confederacy and which describe the Union.

Ancient Egypt Word Search

Follow up learning about ancient Egypt with a word search that features some great vocabulary about ancient Egyptian life.

Ancient Egypt: Queen Hatshepsut

Learn about one of the important pharoahs of ancient Egypt: Queen Hatshepsut.

Branches of the U.S. Government

Test your middle schooler's knowledge of our government system with a fill in the blanks diagram.

King Tut

Get acquainted with one of ancient Egypt's most well-known pharaohs: King Tut, the youngest pharaoh. Your student can read a few interesting facts about him.

The Renaissance

Learning about the Renaissance? This Renaissance worksheet lends extra help remembering important people, places, and things of this important time in history.

Animal Worship in Ancient Egypt

Can you imagine worshiping a crocodile or a cat? Learn about the Ancient Egyptians and their strange gods.

Maps of Egypt

Learn all about Egypt's fascinating geography in this worksheet that combines two maps of the country in both ancient and modern times.

Civil War Fill-in-the-Blank

Test your knowledge of the Civil War by completing this fill-in-the-blank worksheet! Read each sentence and write the word in the blank to compete the sentence.

Ancient Egyptian Jobs

Would you liked to be paid to be a professional beekeeper? Find out all about the unusual jobs available to Ancient Egyptians.

Civil War Word Scramble

Here is a fun way to practice vocabulary from the Civil War. Your student will unscramble each term, using the word bank for help.

Civil War Word Search

Give your middle school student a fun way to practice key terms from the Civil War. This word search is all about generals who fought in the war.

Oregon Trail Word Search

With this historical word search, your child will learn some key terms about the Oregon Trail, including a few of the different routes taken.

Women in History: Cleopatra

Cleopatra ruled Egypt and conquered the hearts of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Read a mini-biography on this remarkable woman in history.

Map of Africa

For growing geographers who are learning the continents, here's a fun challenge! Fill out this map of Africa, and learn a bit about each town as you go.

History of Slavery Vocabulary Match-Up

Test your child's knowledge of the history of slavery in the United States. He must match up the vocabulary terms with their correct definitions.

Map of Japan

Get to know the island of Japan with a fill-in-the-blank map. Your young geographer will fill in missing city names, and learn a bit about each one as he goes.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game VIII

Give your middle school student a challenge with this great matching game, featuring the U.S. presidents!

Map of Russia

Get to know our world's largest geographical country with a map of Russia! Learn a fun fact about Russia's major cities as you go.

Civil War Vocabulary

Review vocabulary terms from the Civil War with this matching worksheet! Your student will match each term with its correct definition.

Louisiana Purchase

Go back in time and expand the nation! Complete this map activity and discuss the impact of the Louisiana Purchase on the U.S.

Gettysburg National Military Park

Read about a famous place on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places: the battlefield of Gettysburg.

Checks and Balances System

Help your student learn the government principle of checks and balances with this worksheet. He'll learn key terms with a word search puzzle and a quick quiz.

Topaz War Relocation Center

Read about an important and controversial events that took place on American soil during WWII, at the Topaz War Relocation Center.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game IX

Try this series of U.S. president match-up worksheets, the perfect way to learn all of our country's past presidents.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game I

How well do you know your country's past presidents? Here is a challenging series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game X

Want to get your middle school student savvy on U.S. history? Here is a challenging series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

Countries Word Search: Australia

Did you know that the boomerang originated in Australia? Learn all about the land down under with this fun word search puzzle!

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game II

Challenge your student's knowledge of the U.S. presidents with this series of match-up games.

Countries Word Search: Canada

How much do you know about our neighbor to the north, Canada? Learn a few national symbols and fun facts about Canada with this word search!

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game III

History buffs, get ready to learn everything you ever wanted to know about all of our U.S. presidents with a fun matching game!

Countries Word Search: Germany

Learn a few fun facts about Germany and its national symbols with a word search!

Countries Word Search: Japan

Do you know what the large red dot on Japan's flag symbolizes? Find out that and many other fun facts about Japan with a word search.

Map of India

Is your child a master of geography? Give him a fun challenge with this map of India, where he'll fill in the major cities as he learns a bit about them!

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game IV

Do you know your U.S. presidents? This challenging series of match-up games is sure to baffle even the most serious history buffs!

Countries Word Search: Mexico

Can you name the national flower of Mexico? After finishing this word search, you'll have a ton of fun facts about Mexico at your disposal.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game VII

Here's a great test of your student's knowledge about U.S. history! See if he can match up all the presidents with their mini biographies.

Civil War Quiz

Challenge your middle school student with a quiz about the Civil War! He'll answer questions about important people and places in the Civil War.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game VI

How well does your student know his country's past presidents? Here is a challenging series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a very complex and interesting time. Get down the basic terms and concepts of this historical period with this info sheet.

Map of Mexico

How much do you know about our neighbors to the south? Fill in this map of Mexico and learn some fun facts about each city as you go!

Map of Australia

Test your geography buff's knowledge of Australia! He'll locate the major cities of Australia, and read a fun fact about each one.

Paraphrasing: Annie Oakley

Paraphrasing is all about putting other people's writing in your own words. Your child will read about Annie Oakley as he paraphrases this passage.

History of Law

Here's a history quiz that is sure to stump even the most studious civics buff! Fill in the blanks, and learn a bit about the history of written law.

U.S. Presidents: Matching Game V

How many of our presidents can you name? Challenge your middle school student with this great series of match-up games, featuring U.S. presidents!

Map of South America

Is your mapping maniac ready to learn some world geography? This map challenge will test your child's knowledge of different cities in South America.

Map of the United Kingdom

Get to know some other parts of the world with a mapping activity. Your child will learn and locate popular cities in the United Kingdom.

Map of Canada

Did you know our neighbor to the north is the second largest country in the world? Locate and learn about the major cities of Canada with this map challenge.

Presidential Timeline

Make a quick trip in time to learn U.S. history and a presidential time line! You might be surprised how much change packed in from 1939 to 1990.

Latitude and Longitude: Illinois

Give your middle school student some geography practice finding latitude and longitude of cities in Illinois with this fun, quiz-style worksheet.

Latitude and Longitude: Mississippi

Give your middle school student some geography practice finding latitude and longitude of cities in Mississippi with this fun, quiz-style worksheet.

U.S. History: Westward Expansion

Test your student's knowledge of famous people in U.S. history with a quick quiz. He'll need to match up each notable person with his/her accomplishments.

Anne Frank Timeline

Learn about significant events in Anne Frank's life for a better understanding of how life was during Hitler's reign.

Oregon Trail Map: The Wagon Train of 1843

Let's learn about the Oregon Trail and the "Wagon Train of 1843" with this map of one of the main routes west!

Latitude and Longitude: Missouri

Give your middle school student some geography practice finding latitude and longitude of cities in Missouri with this fun, quiz-style worksheet.

Latitude and Longitude: Kentucky

Give your middle school student some geography practice finding latitude and longitude of cities in Kentucky with this fun, quiz-style worksheet.

Make a Mummy!

Travel back in time to the age of pharaohs and mummies! Your middle schooler will get a fun, hands-on history lesson with this paper project.

Wounded Knee Massacre

American history students, learn about a tragic event that occurred between Native Americans and English settlers at Wounded Knee Creek.

Ancient Egyptian Art

Discover an ancient language spoken through art! Interpret an image from ancient Egyptian art and then create one of your own with this history sheet.

Famous Women in History

Meet a few of America's most inspirational female figures with this history sheet. Your student will match up each woman with her accomplishment.

Burt-Stark Mansion

If you're studying the Civil War, the Burt-Stark Mansion is an important site to know! Read all about the end of the American Civil War with this great sheet.

Latitude and Longitude: Minnesota

Give your middle school student some geography practice finding latitude and longitude of cities in Minnesota with this fun, quiz-style worksheet.

The Voyage of Magellan

Read about Magellan's treacherous journey with this two-part worksheet!

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