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Black History

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Langston Hughes: Historical Heroes

Learn more about Langston Hughes, one of the most influential figures in literature, with this word-scramble sheet.

Historical Heroes: Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman not only helped slaves escape to freedom, she helped the Union in the civil war and was a women's rights advocate.

Martin Luther King, Jr: Historical Heroes

Teach your child about Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, with an easy to read worksheet and word scramble.

Color Jackie Robinson

Color in Jackie Robinson, a baseball player that paved the way for many great talents in baseball.

Historical Heroes: George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver did more than just play around with peanuts all day. He was an educator, a community leader, and a scientist.

Rosa Parks: Historical Heroes

Learn more about this brave woman named Rosa Parks our "Historical Heroes" worksheet about her.

Frederick Douglass Coloring Page

Celebrate Black History Month with a coloring page of Frederick Douglass - a social reformer, writer and eloquent speaker.

Color Sojourner Truth

Color in this picture of Sojourner Truth, one of the very first abolitionists and women's rights advocates.

Color Harriet Tubman

A simple coloring page can help teach U.S. history! Introduce your child to Harriet Tubman, an important historical figure from Abolitionist and Civil War era.

Lorraine Hansberry: Historical Heroes

If your child loves to be in the spotlight, help inspire her with this Historical Heroes worksheet about African-American playwright Lorraine Hansberry.

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